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What does WDR stand for?

WDR stands for ‘Will Denn Resourcing’ because the two founders were named Williams and Dennis.

What industries do WDR work in?

WDR has customers and long-term partnerships in finance, retail, utilities, healthcare, charity, pharmaceuticals, engineering, the military, and government organisations, which has provided us with the opportunity to assist in advancing the capabilities of people and personnel in all walks of life, impacting almost every business level and function.

Do WDR operate nationally?

Yes, WDR operate nationally, we have a close network of experienced tutors, coaches, facilitators and subject matter experts that we regularly collaborate with for national or large scale projects.

Do WDR have experience of working on large scale projects?

Yes, a good example of this is, we designed, lead and supported over 130,000 employees through the largest ever customer service initiative in the UK. This programme contributed to an increase of millions of pounds to the bottom line, and an increase of 20% employee engagement within 6 months.

What experience do WDR have in IT?

WDR have 50 years’ experience working in IT. Our background in software and IT means, we able to develop sophisticated tools and leading edge learning management systems, multimedia and software to feed and enhance the entire learning and development process.

What procurement frameworks are WDR on?

WDR have been awarded a position on the ESPO framework – Managed Training Services no 383_17.

What is the difference between and open/public programme and a closed programme?

If you have a group of individuals, for example 12 people, all requiring the same development we would create a closed cohort. This group would have a course or programme created specifically to their learning needs. WDR also operate open/public courses and programmes, where a selection of people from a mix of businesses and industries join come together to for particular development.

What qualifications do WDR offer?

WDR are an approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) centre offering qualifications ranging from Level 2 to Level 7. We also offer Microsoft technology Associate (MTA), British Computer Society (BCS), and Association for Project Management (IPMA) qualifications.

I would like to manage my organisations compliance training more effectively, could WDR help?

Yes, at WDR one of our key objectives is to offer peace of mind for businesses that their compliance, regulation and soft skills training requirements are in safe hands. Our learning management system will help you track and evidence learning.

We also help businesses create online learning content, often they provide the content or storyboard and we develop the module or programme. We will incorporate your branding and logo for a seamless online corporate offering.

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