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The work environment today is dramatically different from even five years ago. We find ourselves operating in a world that is often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous or “vuca.” This is a US military term used to define conditions on the battlefield but is often an apt description of today’s business environment. Operating effectively in such an environment can be a stressful experience, where even seasoned professionals and experienced leaders can find everyday tasks challenging.


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WDR offers courses for any skill level, no matter your background. These impactful courses can be delivered in-house at your premises or at our purpose built training center in the leafy town of Horsham, West Sussex (we’ll even supply the coffee and donuts!)

apprenticeship standards

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According to the Institute for Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship standards describe the occupational profile linked to the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) that bring full competence in a particular occupation. They describe how an apprentice can demonstrate mastery of this occupation by the end of the apprenticeship.