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Our Challenge

End the Poverty of Aspiration

Unemployment undermines the health, wellbeing and future prospects of our population, coupled with a significant cost to both society and the economy.

Additionally, there is a risk the future economy will suffer from an absence of talent and skills without any comprehensive and effective measures being introduced.

The Government is looking for strong employer-led bodies to take the lead in different sectors of the economy, taking responsibility for developing a sector skills strategy to not only meet the current needs for employers, but to also encourage employers to increase their demand for skills; our contribution is Our Club.

We believe Our Club as an employer-led social enterprise creates a winning environment in which people can thrive. The Programme both guarantees and delivers a comprehensive range of behavioural and developmental training against the backdrop of applying learning in a work context, with four weeks of work experience.

Our Club fills the vacuum that can often form between school education and jobs which result in people getting stuck, losing their sense of identity and being caught in a spiral of hopelessness. It reignites hope, builds self-belief and develops the essential life skills that are so keenly sought after by employers today - including resilience, confidence, control, curiosity and commitment.

In just under four years we have galvanised the Programme's proven effectiveness with 87% of all candidates securing work.

At WDR Our Club we want to end the "poverty of aspiration" for ever and make an even bigger impact by building on these results and are looking to like-minded organisations to support Our Club by creating job opportunities, giving communities the chance to flourish and to secure a future talent pipeline for UK business.

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