A person focussed approach to creating aspiration and unlocking potential

WDR Our Club

As a community interest company, WDR Our Club has a huge commitment and desire to address the unemployment agenda in the UK. We are passionate about making a difference in developing individuals to have a sense of self-belief, purpose, and confidence, allowing them to be the best they can be and unlocking their untapped potential.

We want to bring the best coaching principles and practice to the whole community, supporting the unemployed by working with businesses to share ideas, knowledge, and skills, build confidence and encourage enterprise. This cooperative approach can, we believe, bring benefits to every corner of society.

Long Term Unemployed

Our Club is a unique return to work program that achieves unparalleled results. Our Club transforms people’s lives, creating aspirations and unlocking potential by establishing a community for people to develop, grow and be the best they can be.

We are always looking for like-minded organisations to support Our Club through sponsorship or by providing job opportunities, giving communities the chance to flourish, thereby creating a future talent pipeline for their business

Our Club for Care

The Our Club for Care Programme provides organisations with a highly effective recruitment channel aligned with your ongoing needs and supporting unemployed people in your local community.

We source the candidates, complete a pre-screening assessment and provide each individual with a unique learning opportunity before introducing them to you as a prospective employee, maximising their work readiness and helping to ensure that you find the right candidate every time.

Outplacement and Career Change

For those organisations looking to support employees leaving their business through redundancy to be better prepared to face the most competitive job market for decades or for individuals looking for support, development, and guidance as they look to embark upon a career change.

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