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Our Club

Unleash the untapped potential inside

Our Club is a unique program that transforms people from the world of unemployment to become healthy, happy and productive employees. Creating aspiration and unlocking potential by establishing a community for people to develop, grow and be the best they can be.

Our Club creates an identity that people of all ages can relate to, feel supported by and build friendships through. Being employer led enables us to work with like-minded organisations who share our vision, together investing in our future talent pipeline.

Christina Dennis, CEO WDR Our Club CIC

The key is Our Club's holistic, behaviour-led approach. It focuses on developing the individual, with the first six weeks of the programme getting mentally "work-ready" by focusing on four key pillars of development:

  • life skills
  • job skills
  • health and wellbeing
  • community and citizenship.

This emphasis on behavioural development and job skills development also means Our Club is entirely industry-independent and dovetails perfectly with WDR's wider in-work learning offer, enabling individuals to progress as far and as fast as their talent allows.

Our Club is effective, ambitious and - crucially - sustainable. Over 500 people have completed the programme with 87% of candidates gaining employment and 77% still in work six months later.

As a result, Our Club has won both government recognition and awards including IGD Employability Award for best-in-class employability initiative and the HR Distinction Award for best employment programme.

We are proud to have created long standing partnerships with employers who have seen and experienced the real benefits of supporting Our Club.

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