Word processing made easy!

Our Microsoft Word courses are available for anyone who wants to improve their word processing skills, or learn a brand new skill in this area. With a flexible delivery from a trusted coach, it’s easier than ever to develop a new talent.

How will a Microsoft Word qualification benefit you?

As the most commonly used Office programme in the world, Microsoft Word is an absolute staple skill and asset in many business environments. Learning how to use this software will enable you to write pitches, documents, statements, letters and much more with ease.

We offer three stages of training, meaning you can learn Word right from scratch or choose to increase your current understanding to a more advanced level. All of our courses ensure that all of your future work will be of a very high quality and 


Our Course Levels


This course has been designed to provide learners with an orientation of the Word interface and Word’s core functionality. Participants will learn to create, edit, format and print documents. They will also explore ways in which a document can be customised.


This course is aimed at learners who have a foundation knowledge of Microsoft Word and will enable them to make use of more advanced functions. Learners will gain an in-depth introduction to Word, and understand how to format, review and customise documents.


Learners will learn to make proficient use the advanced features of Word for document content management and advanced formatting. Learners will create professional documents tailored to a broad range of situations and customise their use of Word to maximise productivity.

1 day course
£350 per person (exc. vat)
1 day course
£350 per person (exc. vat)
1 day course
£350 per person (exc. vat)

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