Microsoft Office Courses

With courses for all ability levels, it’s never been easier to strengthen your skills in Word and Excel.

Your perfect Microsoft Office training partner.

Developing solid competency in Microsoft Office is absolutely essential in todays world if you want to progress your career in many lines of work.

We have developed a range of engaging, bespoke courses which are delivered by subject specialists, to meet the needs of several different job types. No matter your background, we have something for you.

The courses we provide range from beginner to a more advanced level, and offer a unique development experience no matter your current Microsoft Office proficiency.


Unleash your Potential with Office!

Microsoft Word

Courses Overview

Our Microsoft Word courses are available for anyone who wants to improve their word processing skills, or learn a brand new skill in this area. With a flexible delivery from a trusted coach, it’s easier than ever to develop a new talent in no time.

Microsoft Excel

Courses Overview

Our Microsoft Excel courses are ideal for both amateur users who would like to understand the fundamentals, as well as individuals with a good basic knowledge of the software who want to get to the next level. No matter what ability you currently hold, we are ready and waiting to help you progress your Excel skill set and unlock your true potential!

An Inclusive Learning Environment

We understand that not everyone learns in the same way, and that’s exactly why we offer complete support to each and every one of our learners and coaches. We’re an inclusive company and the support options we offer aim to fulfill the potential of any individual, regardless of their background.