WDR Diploma in Learning Management

Develop your confidence and leadership ability in order to run a successful team in the workplace.

Build your reputation as a world-class leader.

This highly practical programme is aimed at senior learning managers who wish to develop the confidence to lead the contribution of learning and its impact on performance, engagement levels, reputation, capability, and change within organisations.

It has been designed and is delivered by a faculty of experienced senior learning and development professionals who have all held senior learning management positions in large blue-chip organisations. Together they bring nearly 100 years of learning and development (L&D) experience to the training, from learning needs analysis and instructional design, training delivery and learning management through to designing and implementing a corporate learning strategy.

Who is this course for?

This programme is recommended for senior or established learning and development managers seeking to maximise the contribution of learning within their organization, senior managers and leaders new to the responsibility of learning & development (L&D) and experienced learning and development consultants operating at a strategic and senior management level within their client organisations.

What will I learn from this course?

You will learn to make the link between strategic organisational intent and reality in the learning and development functions that you lead and appreciate the organisational and industry relationships you need to develop in order to maximise your impact.

You will consider how you lead your function to ensure expected output, development, capability, performance levels, engagement and commitment from your team members. This will contribute to the achievement of organisational goals and priorities.

Adopt and adapt appropriate leadership styles and apply them to a range of situations.

Understand and contribute to organisational board level standards.

Apply enhanced business acumen to the alignment, governance and effectiveness of L&D.

Develop and lead strategic level collaboration across the organisation in meeting L&D requirements.

Identify and incorporate industry standards and leadership in the consistency and quality of output from L&D.

Build and implement an organisational learning and development strategy.

Conduct, analyse and act upon an organisation learning audit.

Ensure the efficient and effective access to, supply of and impact management of learning opportunities.

Build and communicate the business case for learning and development. (L&D)

Develop global learning strategies.

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How is the course delivered?

This programme will be run over 6 modules spaced one month apart, totalling 7 days of learning. Some preparation will be required between the parts of the programme in order to practice what has been learnt and integrate the learning. There are two assignments and a final project to complete.

workshop 1 - 2 DAYS

Strategic Leadership & Self Awareness

The first workshop will focus on what makes a leader, and what leaders do. You will learn how to establish a learning culture, determining policies and operational implementation. This workshop also includes marketing alignment, creating an environment & climate, leading innovation & creativity, changing management leadership as well as programme management and sponsorship, including developing other managers and leaders.

workshop 2 - 1 DAY

Creating an Integrated L&D strategy.

The second workshop on this course tackles organisational strategy and design, as well as building and developing an organisation learning strategy. You will also explore functional direction plans over 1, 2 and 5 years before completing your first course assignment.

workshop 3 - 1 DAY

Leadership of the Learning Function

In this largest workshop of the course, you will learn about auditing the learning/training development functions you use. You will also learn learning organisation analysis, operation excellence, managing the total investment into learning as well as learning plans, R&D, customer service principles and their application. On top of these key areas, we will also explore managing communication and visibility of the L&D function, informal learning and governance.

workshop 4 - 1 DAY

Evaluating Learning

In this workshop, we will cover the measurement and evaluation of learning. We will also learn about Bass and Kirkpatrick, and balanced scorecards for learning. This will be completed before you commence your second course assignment.

workshop 5 - 1 DAY

Emerging Trends and Innovations in L&D

This workshop will cover clarity of the present, anticipating the future and global strategies. We will also look at global and international considerations as well as IT in learning (LMS, LXPs etc.) Another key area we will be looking at is creation vs. curation of learning and how effective these areas are.

workshop 6 - 1 DAY

Project Review & Programme Summary

After your final project, we will review your learning across the programme and explore continuous professional development and mindset development for your career moving forward.