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Mental Strength

The Mental Strength programme is aimed at anyone who plays sport (at any level) and also their coaches and trainers. This learning programme has been designed to suit both the aspiring track athlete at high school and the professional sports coach working with a premier football team.

It focuses on developing a set of core mental skills that are required in addition to physical, technical and tactical skills for sustained performance. The interactive modular eLearning programme has been designed in collaboration with world class athletes and players, thought leaders in neuroscience and behavioural change and performance coaches. It is recommended that learners work with a coach to help fully embed their new skills and behaviours during their sports training sessions.

We all have behaviours and beliefs that shape our day to day lives and these impact on the way we behave and ultimately perform. In the world of sport we invest a great deal of time and energy developing the physical, technical and tactical skills - the mental skills are equally important.

A single minded focus that enables you to perform to the highest level skillset regardless of environmental conditions

Steven Spaulding, Dartmouth College, USA

In top level competition we can see sports that have already made great leaps in supporting their players and athletes in their mental strength training, in addition to the more traditional elements of coaching and training. But mental strength training is not just for elite sports and can be incorporated into an individual or team's coaching programme at any level of sports participation.

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Mental Strength at a glance

Who's it for?

Sportspeople of all levels, including coaches and trainers

What's the timeline?

Between 3 and 12 months

What's the format?

100% Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Mental Strength modules

Mindset is a mental attitude that shapes your goals and ultimately determines your chances of maximising your potential.

Mental strength gives you a single minded focus that will enable you to perform to the highest level skill set regardless of any environmental conditions.

Focused concentration can improve your ability to learn and develop new skills, enhance your personal effectiveness and improve your performance.

You can develop your confidence and consistently adopt assertive behaviours to improve your performance and personal effectiveness.

Energy management will enable you to respond effectively to day-to-day pressures and to bounce back from setbacks and adversity.

Self-talk can be both negative and positive and plays a significant role in your performance. It is essential to develop strategies to manage your self-talk and build confidence to achieve your goals.

Goal setting is an extremely powerful technique for enhancing performance. It is one of the most important strategies you can implement for success in any environment.

Visualisation can support you in enhancing your performance in all areas of your life. It is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event. When you visualise your desired outcome, you begin to "see" the possibility of achieving it.