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Level 3 Customer Service Specialist

Apprenticeship Standard

This Apprenticeship is designed for individuals who already have some customer service experience and are looking to be recognised as a 'professional' for direct customer support within all sectors and organisational types.

Learners will identify how to organise and deliver customer service, and understand what drives customer behaviour and creates customer retention. Learners will be given the opportunity to explore excellence within customer service, dealing with more challenging scenarios such as complaints and stakeholder engagement and developing communication strategies for customer service. WDR will work closely with organisations to customise their Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship Programme, so that it aligns with the specified knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the standard.

Knowledge & Skills

Key components of this Apprenticeship Standard cover the following:

  • Understanding customer service strategy
  • Knowing your customer and their needs
  • Customer service culture and environment awareness
  • Providing a business focussed service delivery and a positive customer experience
  • Working with your customer/customer insights
  • Customer service performance and service improvement



  • Self-development, Mindset, Proactivity, Ownership and Personal Responsibility
  • Team working to recognise colleagues as internal customers
  • Positively presenting your organisation and yourself to build trust, credibility and customer loyalty

The behavioural components of the programmes will be delivered through:

  • Workplace training, on the job observation and feedback, regular coaching conversations
  • Classroom-based learning and assessment, workbook, logs and journals
  • Experiential eLearning

Level 3 Customer Service Specialist
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Entry Requirements

Organisations will set their own entry criteria and are likely to select individuals with more advanced interpersonal skills and customer service experience. Learners must achieve level 2 English and Maths prior to taking the end-point assessment.


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 15 months to complete.

Learning Resources

All apprentices will be given access to our online Learning Portal which contains all the eLearning modules, journals, videos and recommended reading to complete the Apprenticeship Grade.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Build personal capabilities
  • Gain expertise and professional recognition
  • Boost career progression and prospects.

Benefits for Employers

  • Skilled and motivated employees
  • Improved working practices among team members
  • Transfer of new skills into the organisation
  • Increased employee engagement and retaining of talent
  • Training investment co-funded by government.

Summary of Assessment

There are a number of elements that make up assessment for the Apprenticeship including formative On-Programme Assessment and a summative End-Point Assessment.


Further Information

For further information please download our printable leaflet or contact us.