Understanding what makes you succeed.

Use our Capability Profiling Tool to review strengths, weaknesses and behaviours in order achieve the very best learning & development results.

Identify development opportunities with ease

Our Capability Profiling Tool is a unique and fully configurable piece of software that is designed to ensure the most efficient and impactful use of your Learning and Development portfolio, and provides an engaging way for colleagues to be integral to driving their development and take ownership of their learning.

The capability profile tool enables every member of staff to undertake a review identifying their key strengths and development areas, based on a set of levelled behaviours.

On completion of these reviews, individuals select items to create their personalised development plans, which will typically be hosted on a ‘My Learning’ homepage. Line Managers can also be involved in the process, to add an organisational perspective.


Intuitive by its very nature.

Each of your learning items are carefully mapped to the levelled behaviours, ensuring that every individual access learning that is aligned to their development priorities.

In addition to allowing individuals to identify their development requirements for their current role, the system also supports succession planning, readily enabling the requirements of future roles to be considered.