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Our range of learning services have been carefully designed to streamline and accelerate the learning and development process, enabling in-house L&D teams to support more people, more effectively in less time.

Whats on offer?

Managed Learning Service (MLS)

Learning Software

Digital Learning

Managed Learning Service (MLS)

Our Managed Learning Service is a highly cost-effective way of managing and administering all your learning needs. WDR work with you to consolidate all of your training requirements. You will benefit from:

  • Access to a national network of WDR’s proven and highly experienced learning consultants.
  • Multiple cost-savings through reduced administration costs, course discounts and economies of scale.
  • Precision learning needs analysis.
  • Consolidation of learning requirements.
  • Optimised delegate day rates.

Our Managed Learning Service includes:

End-to-end event management.

Supplier and vendor management.

Consolidated monthly invoicing.

Sourcing of Facilitators and Subject Matter Experts

Management Reporting

Our Managed Learning Service is typically powered and supported by our specialist learning management software. We can offer a fully integrated and comprehensive software solution with a WDR hosted learning portal, branded for your business.

Learning Software

Learning Management

Our learning management software (LMS) is a collaborative platform, providing infrastructure, framework and key tools to facilitate the reporting, tracking and delivery of both online and tutor-led training courses or programmes. We offer the ability to adapt our LMS with your branding and styling, connecting our system seamlessly with your business.

Our LMS is designed to simplify and streamline the administration and running of your organisation’s learning and development providing:

  • Automated quality assessment tools based on industry recognised methodologies.
  • Automated joining instructions and event management.
  • Online learning journal and feedback.
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality.

Apprenticeship Management

To support the delivery of apprenticeships, we have enhanced our LMS, through the addition of new functionality designed to enable employer providers and apprenticeship providers to meet their Ofsted requirements including:

  • Robust tracking and monitoring of learner activity and progress.
  • Submission of coursework and feedback from coach assessor.
  • A reflective learning journal for every learner.
  • Baseline learner assessments against the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements of each apprenticeship standard.
  • Baseline learner assessments against competencies for British Values, Safeguarding and Prevent.
  • Recording of learner’s time logs and Off-the-job training to evidence the 20% requirement.
  • Collation, submission and review online portfolios.

A Total Apprenticeship Solution

WDR can package our LMS and apprenticeship management software together with our comprehensive apprenticeship training materials, facilitators guides and learner handbooks to provide a turn-key solution for employer providers looking to deliver their own apprenticeships, without the overhead of creating their own content.

Capability Profiling

Our Capability Profiling tool is an engaging and innovative piece of learning software that provides an intuitive way for individuals to identify their development priorities and select learning solutions aligned with them.

The tool is built around levelled behaviours, ensuring focused development both in respect of current roles and for succession planning purposes. We can use your existing behaviours, or work with you to develop a set that reflect your organisational priorities.

Every individual undertakes a review against their selected behaviours, identifying strengths and development areas.  Individual reviews can be augmented by line manager and peer reviews, to provide a broader organisational perspective.

On the basis of these reviews, users and optionally their line managers are able to select the behaviours that will be carried into the individual’s development plan.

We map your portfolio of learning items to the levelled behaviours, enabling every individual to create a development plan showing both their selected behaviours and the learning items aligned with them.

Benefits to you include:

  • Increased business performance arising from enhanced alignment of your learning provision with individual development needs.
  • A highly cost-effective way to establish organisational development priorities.
  • Increased individual ownership of workplace learning and career development.
  • Reporting functionality provides a trackable process and an organisational overview.
  • Fully configurable standalone product, allowing integration with your existing systems, branding and a wide range of configuration options.

Digital Learning

WDR understands that today, people are constantly hungry for the newest, latest and most accessible platforms for every aspect of their lives, including learning and development.

We use the latest, most innovative technologies including interactive video, gamification and learning apps to ensure that learners receive an engaging experience.

We have a comprehensive suite of rich content leadership and personal effectiveness learning that can be used on a standalone basis or as an integrated part of a blended learning solution. Our SCORM compliant digital content can be licensed as individual modules, or as a library based on your specific learning needs.  

Additionally, our creative team provides a full design and development service, working with you to understand your bespoke requirements and translate those into inspiring and engaging digital learning.

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