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Learning Management System

The WDR Learning Management System (LMS) is a collaborative platform that provides infrastructure, framework and tools to facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of both online and tutor led learning courses or training programmes. It is a "learning on the go" solution that's available around the world and around the clock for maximum return on investment.


Our web-based LMS is easy to navigate, intuitive and device friendly, with additional ability to profile capabilities and evidence learning progress. With the unique ability to incorporate brand and the capability to readily integrate our LMS with most Human Resources packages in the market today, we create consistency across your people management systems.


Our high quality LMS is designed to simplify and streamline the administration and running of your organisation's learning and development events and provides automated quality assessment tools and comprehensive reporting functions.

It includes the ability to clearly follow your employees' progress, to handle all your management information and reporting and allow users to have access to structured training plans, keeping their skills relevant and up-to-date.

People Centric...

Giving employees control of their learning is essential, enabling them to be proactive and align their development with their organisation's immediate and long-term needs. Training goals can be made clear so employees know how their performance will be judged, and to enable them to measure their own progress daily.

These 3 key elements of our LMS support the creation of a high-performance organisational culture, essential for the fast moving businesses of today.

Our Portal for Partners

WDR are recognised in the industry as innovative, reliable and highly experienced technology partners. We are moving towards more virtual learning classrooms, gamification and scenario-based learning. Our Scorm compliant LMS is the perfect platform to host, track and manage your learning resources. We are interested in speaking with leading edge digital media agencies who require a high quality Learning Portal to showcase their creations.

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