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Leading Organisations

The Leading Organisations programme is a challenging and thought-provoking development programme for senior managers and leaders.

The programme looks at how senior leaders can navigate the ever-changing and fast paced world of business, create a compelling vision for customers, colleagues and shareholders and inspire their teams to deliver sustained performance excellence.

Content draws on the latest thinking from highly regarded business leaders, the world of academia and thought leadership in areas including neuroscience, appreciative inquiry and personal impact and presence.

The programme content mirrors "real life" with an element of fluidity built in to ensure that learners are constantly exposed to the latest developments and insights in leading organisational practice.

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Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Qualifications

This programme has been mapped to ILM Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management. The Diploma is 60 credits which is equivalent to a PG Certificate and one third of a Master's degree in most UK university business schools. For further information please call us today.

Leading Organisations at a glance

Who's it for?

Senior Managers and Leaders

What's the timeline?

Between 12 and 18 months

What's the format?

15% Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and 85% facilitated learning

ILM Qualifications

Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management

Leading Organisations modules

Enhance your understanding of leadership styles to further improve your skills and become a more agile leader. Explore your purpose, identity, beliefs, values and mindset and apply this to your organisation and team.

Use a framework to explore and develop leadership vision and mission and be able to apply this to your organisation and team. Know how to develop the 'Why, What and How' of your purpose and strategy.

Explore the importance of personal impact, presence and brand. Learn the tools and techniques to communicate more effectively in a variety of situations and maximise your impact on others.

Explore a motivational model to develop actions to engage and inspire your team. Understand how to engage those you lead and enhance their motivation to contribute to team and organisational goals.

Understand how to develop and maintain a culture of high performance levels. Learn how to operate with highly developed coaching skills to empower others with responsibility and ownership.

Understand how to select and justify the strategies required to lead the high level business case through to the desired business outcomes. Understand the internal and external environment and the impact on strategy and your business.

Design and undertake an enquiry-based approach to developing your leadership capability. Deliver and evaluate the outcome of enquiry-based learning.

Use a stakeholder mapping tool to identify where your relationships are with key stakeholders and how to further build these. Understand how to successfully build a strong network both within and outside your business.

Appreciate influence and persuasion at a leadership level. Understand how to use your leadership presence to create authority, presence and impact.

Understand the internal and external environment and its impact on strategy and your business. Know how to develop the 'Why, What and How' of your purpose and strategy.

Understand the strategic context for and the power of mindset in relation to change and what drives actions and behaviours.

Understand how innovation and change are linked to delivering the strategy. Understand the science behind the latest thinking on Neuro-Leadership and creating insights.

Understand the Neuroscience behind decision making. Know how to use a decision making model that supports quick, effective and proactive decision making.