elearning for a modern world

Bridging the Divide

At WDR, we create eLearning with a twist. We aren’t interested in ‘business as usual’ approaches, much less any antiquated ideas and formats that used to work 20 years ago. Our key aim is to bridge the divide between learners and an engaging, immersive experience.

The future of training.

As a company, we understand that in this modern age, people are constantly hungry for the newest, latest and most accessible platforms for each aspect of their lives, including learning and development.

Because of this, we only use the latest, most innovative technologies to ensure that all of our learners receive a breathtaking experience, time after time.

Join us in our pursuit to usher in a new age of learning, helping you to develop, grow and unleash your full potential.


Level up your learning

We’ve developed more and more sophisticated ways to increase engagement and performance, including gamification. Put simply, gamification is the art of making ordinary, static learning a much more immersive experience by turning it into an interactive game!

Research suggests that a 43% increase in productivity and 60% increase in learner engagement is possible through gamification, why not give it a go – it could be just the break you’re looking for. 

Goodbye paper, hello digital.

We strongly believe in the preservation of our planet and reducing our carbon footprint to ensure a cleaner, healthier future. Our booklets are even made from recycled paper!

The days of paper-based learning are over. We specialise in digital eLearning packages as well as totally digital interactive assessment, reviews, agreements and much more.

Using only the latest technology at industry level, we assure a clean, efficient, interactive and environmentally friendly delivery of all materials at all times.

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