Staying Ahead of the Curve.

It’s not all about the big screen anymore. By blending art and science, we’re able to develop gorgeous, functional apps and websites. Our human centered approach means we can solve any challenges you may have with ease!


Small screens, huge ambitions.

Our in-house design and code team have the capacity to create gorgeous, functional applications and web-based apps for any requirement.

The world of training and development has become a modern day wonderland for taking learning on the go and accessing materials around the clock, thanks to the technological boom of the last 10 years. At WDR, we quickly recognised that we needed to engage our learners (and staff!) by using these new, hot off the press methods.

Whether you have a requirement for a brand new application, or want some support with an app you are already running, our team are here to help you each step of the way.

Apple iOS

Android OS


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Meet and greets at a global scale.

These days, everyone understands the importance of web presence and having a functional, aesthetic website. This is just as true in the L&D environment. We live in a world where the average consumer will sooner look for your website and live chat function, before considering picking up the phone to call.

Because of these technological and behavioural developments, we offer a unique solution to help our partners create powerful websites that are not only functional, but perfectly display on small screens too by boasting full responsiveness.

Perhaps you already have a website or web-based app that requires some tidying up or optimisation? We can help there too!