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No matter the project, our in-house team of designers can develop some of the globes most creative and innovative work in the learning sector, and we’re ready to partner up with you. We relish any challenge thrown at us!

Changing the face of learning, one step at a time.

We’re your eLearning and digital content dream team! This section of the WDR website provides a handy guide to what we do, how we do it and why. We’re in the business of betterment, and we are passionate and committed to developing individuals, teams and even entire companies to enable them to perform at their very best.

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elearning & gamification

Bridging the divide with the future of eLearning.

As a company, we understand that in this modern age, people are constantly hungry for the newest, latest and most accessible platforms for each aspect of their lives, including learning and development.

Because of this, we only use the latest, most innovative technologies to ensure that all of our learners receive a breathtaking experience, time after time.

Join us in our pursuit to usher in a new age of learning, helping you to develop, grow and unleash your full potential.


Level up your learning

We’ve developed more and more sophisticated ways to increase engagement and performance, including gamification. Put simply, gamification is the art of making ordinary, static learning a much more immersive experience by turning it into an interactive game!

Research suggests that a 43% increase in productivity and 60% increase in learner engagement is possible through gamification, why not give it a go – it could be just the break you’re looking for. 


Out with the old, in with the new.

When it comes to creating valuable, contemporary learning solutions, we make sure we stay right at the cutting edge of technology and design.

Over our almost 50 year history, we have made huge efforts to research how we can create learning materials which inspire peoples personal development without being stale, old fashioned and boring.

Everyone remembers the dull learning experiences they’ve had in the past, we’re here to change all of that.

We only use the most powerful, industry leading software. This includes the Adobe Creative Suite and Vyond platform.

We create in depth mapping to understand the user journey and experience, which guarantees value in our materials.

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Small screens, huge ambitions.

Our in-house design and code team have the capacity to create gorgeous, functional applications and web-based apps for any requirement.

The world of training and development has become a modern day wonderland for taking learning on the go and accessing materials around the clock, thanks to the technological boom of the last 10 years. At WDR, we quickly recognised that we needed to engage our learners (and staff!) by using these new, hot off the press methods.

Whether you have a requirement for a brand new application, or want some support with an app you are already running, our team are here to help you each step of the way.

Apple iOS

Android OS



Turning good into incredible.

Powerful eLearning, bespoke videos, an entire suite of animations…we’ve seen it all over the past 50 years. We really put ourselves in the learners shoes for each project, exploring more avenues and opportunities than any of our competitors to ensure that we produce the right solution each and every time.

We’re just as put off by a 25-page, text heavy learning guide as you. Instead, we aim to turn these dull documents into fun, engaging eLearning modules which include quizzes, animations and games to really keep the development juices flowing, and learning on track.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch with us for a conversation and see how we can benefit your learners development!