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Unemployed transform their lives, build their self-esteem and find work

WDR Our Club have been really busy with 3 successful programmes in the space of six weeks. The team have touched the lives of almost 50 people from across Cheshire, London and Swansea in this short space of time.

Ifan Jones one of our Programme Coaches shares a little about their journey and successes.

Our journey began in Cheshire – With the first of these programmes being located in Northwich, Cheshire, starting on the 27th of February and was held at Winnington Park RFC, a local rugby club.

The programme had some entertaining characters and there was rarely a dull moment. We had a great mixture of ages, with candidate’s ranging from early twenties to mid-fifties! The positivity and enthusiasm from the group was powerful and made the workshop great fun.

It was brilliant to see the candidate’s confidence and self-belief develop so much over such a short space of time. The candidates then attended a four week work placement with Morrisons Supermarkets, during this time they were given opportunities to experience different aspects of the company, for example logistics, manufacturing and retail.

Having completed the four week placement on the 6th of April, the candidates attended the graduation day on the 7th of April to celebrate their achievements.

The programme was a fantastic success with majority of the candidates securing employment with our leading employer partners - Morrisons Supermarkets. We wish all the candidates great luck for the future!

Our journey then took us to London - The second of the three programmes was held at the University of Westminster’s sports ground in Chiswick.

Yet again, we had a great time working with the candidates on this program, there were some big personalities in the group which meant that every day we had a really positive atmosphere. The diversity of age, culture and background always makes for a rich learning environment for everyone.

The candidates were very eager to work and learn from day 1 and they kept this attitude all through the program and it continued into the work placement. Yet again this was in partnership with Morrison’s, therefore following the 2 week workshop the candidates started their 4 week placement in different stores across London.

They are currently in week 3 of the placement and are all thoroughly enjoying the experience, where they are able to try their hand in a variety of departments. The feedback received from the employer has been positive and we hope this continues into the last week and a half of the placement. We’re very much looking forward to reuniting with the candidates on graduation day and are confident many of the candidates will secure employment.

Last but not least Swansea - the third programme was in Swansea, held at the Liberty Stadium. This programme was a special one as it was the first of many working in partnership with the Welsh Government’s Communities for Work programme, working with people who were deemed ‘furthest away from work’.

Whilst this has been a somewhat challenging programme, it has also been an extremely enjoyable and satisfying one. All of the candidates completed the workshop and, yet again, the transformation in the candidates that the Our Club team witnessed was astounding.

During the second week the group expanded, as we gained four new members. The four new members were warmly welcomed by the rest of the group and the new faces contributed very well.

This programme is being supported by a number of WDR Our Club employer Partners, these included William Hill, Morrisons, Dawnus, Premier Inn, Wheelies, The Range and Compass.

The candidates are currently half way through their first week of placement and following daily phone calls, all candidates seem to be enjoying the first week of placement. We wish all the Our Club candidates the best of luck in the coming weeks and with their interviews to secure future employment.

To find out more about the great work that Our Club does please visit the Our Club page.