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The New World of Apprenticeships - Come join the discussion

Wednesday 29th November @10am – 12 noon

WDR, Learning Centre, Park Lodge, 60 London road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1AY

 There is still some confusion amongst employers about the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy.   “How do you define a strategy on a moving target?” we hear you say…  We would like to bring together local businesses to open collaborative dialogue around the questions that matter to you in relation to the new world of Apprenticeships.

 And let’s explore:

  • Fully utilising the Levy to unlock potential
  • Futureproofing skills and increasing internal capabilities
  • Engaging the wider workforce and securing senior leadership buy in
  • Designing ‘20% off the job’ development opportunities

 From our recent discussions with local companies, many are beginning to identify how they could reduce their existing L&D budget, through utilisation of the Apprenticeship Levy, with an increasing number looking at Talent and Leadership development opportunities. The Apprenticeship Levy provides a great opportunity to develop first line and middle managers, filling any skills and capabilities gaps whilst achieving great levy utilisation.

 Employers are also reporting a need to focus on transformation, diversity and succession planning. The good news is, the Apprenticeship Levy can help address these areas. Employers need to get buy-in from senior leaders and engage with the wider workforce, to begin to build their Apprenticeship strategy.


Empowering high quality apprenticeships that drive exceptional value and rewards...


Please come join the discussion about the new world of Apprenticeships, the benefits and impact for your people and your business.


RSVP email – learning@wdr.co.uk or call 01403 268251 – quoting ‘Apprenticeship discussion’.