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Our Club visit

Yesterday I was invited by my colleagues to observe part of an 'Our Club' programme. I had a high level awareness that it was a 2 week facilitated programme to support the employment of a group of 15-20 individuals actively seeking work. However, as I trained in to London and then walked in the rain to the venue at QPR football station...little did I know what was REALLY waiting for me. On arrival, I walked in to a room of 15 individuals meditating and stretching with such a focussed concentration that meant my entry went unnoticed. They were mid way through a wellness module of the programme and learning, experiencing and realising the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation. Once this session finished I had a very warm welcome and was greeted with big smiles and eager questioning around who I was and what I did. Every single person in the room was engaged and listening actively – they made me feel so very special and so very included. Over lunch and in subsequent exercises, what I witnessed was a group of individuals with big hearts and big dreams….looking for their time to shine. Raw talent emanated from each and every one of them and in the spirit of 'authenticity' and 'whole self' being the buzz words at the core of leadership today...I saw it in spades. So what does all this mean?

Yesterday I met the talent of the future of our country - a mixed bag of ages, ethnicities and gender - with a shared hunger for personal and professional success - and I have been privileged to be part of THEIR CLUB!