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Implement a High Quality Learning Management System

In today's fast-changing world there is increasing pressure
to manage and evidence compliance training and people development.

It is essential we give employees control of their learning, enabling them to be proactive and align their development with their organisation's immediate and long-term needs. This supports the creation of a high-performance culture and annual reviews to enable continued professional development.

Failure to meet compliance requirements in regulated industries can result in severe penalties. Even worse, poorly trained employees can lead to non-compliance infractions that can trigger accidents, fines and temporary shutdowns, potentially costing the organisation thousands of pounds.

By implementing a Learning Management System (LMS), your organisation will be taking adequate steps towards reducing employer liability, whilst monitoring compliance, managing employee development and enabling access to management report information as and when you need it.

Ideally your LMS will be web-based, corporate branded, easy to navigate, intuitive, device friendly, with the ability to profile capabilities, evidence learning progress and integrate as necessary with your internal systems from a management information perspective.

A high quality LMS will enable you to clearly follow your employees' progress, handle all your management information and reporting and allow users to have access to structured training plans, keeping their skills relevant and up-to-date. Training goals can be made clear so employees know how their performance will be judged, and to enable them to measure their own progress daily.

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