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Developing National Talent Pipelines

According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, employers are facing talent poverty as skills shortages rise 130% in four years. So-called "skills shortage vacancies" now make up nearly a quarter of all job openings, leaping from 91,000 in 2011 to 209,000 in 2015.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills highlighted the following key areas which need to be focused on, to address skills shortages and provide future talent pipelines for business:

  • employers to take a lead in improving skill levels
  • more vocational pathways to work
  • more integration between the worlds of work and education
  • more apprenticeships
  • work experience to become an integral part of education

WDR has already been leading the design and delivery of frameworks to support skills development at every level of an organisation.

Our CEO, Christina Dennis, firmly believes that a more holistic and scalable approach needs to be taken for the benefit of businesses and the communities they operate in.

WDR supports this agenda with 'Our Club', our unique and award winning employer led pre-employment programme, which addresses work readiness, behavioural development and work experience. It offers employers the chance to support the communities in which they operate whilst at the same time strengthening their own talent pipelines.

Act now to build a coalition, working to support our future talent pipeline both for those entering the workplace and those progressing through their career.

Call us now on 01403 268251 to discuss how you can play your part.