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We know our onions.

As an established learning and development company with almost 50 years’ experience, we change lives and open peoples hearts and minds to universal wisdom. Our priority is the development of our learners and their coaches, taking their successes as our own and we are rewarded by their progression.

We develop solutions which drive to the heart and soul of learning, not just focusing on the analytics and numbers, but truly understanding and nurturing the emotional aspect of learning too. We want people to feel empowered, inspired and that they can develop their own success.

"WDR’s executive design and delivery team will hone and refine your leadership skills while simultaneously supporting you to develop a winning culture in your organisation where everyone aspires to be the very best that they can be."

Our Club

Our Club is a unique program that transforms people from the world of unemployment to become healthy, happy and productive employees. Creating aspiration and unlocking potential by establishing a community for people to develop, grow and be the best they can be.

Embracing technology.

We realise that it’s not all about the big screen in our modern world, and to meet the needs of our learners we have developed a bespoke online portal which offers immediately accessible tools to help boost engagement and development opportunities.

Designed with a human-centered approach, this collaborative learning management platform facilitates the reporting, tracking and delivery of both online and tutor lead training courses or programmes. Whats more, as an on-the-go solution that’s available anywhen, any where, the portal truly does provide excellent partnership to our courses.